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23-02-2015 Cliff Travis has advised us that he has booked Imber Court for the 2015 Reunion You will see a link to the left with details as we get them and so for the moment note the date 2nd of October and check back here for more details as we get them.

05-08-2014 Totally out of the blue I (Andy Lambert) was given a chance to visit TDV and of course asked if I could bring my Camera. The unit is now available to rent again and hopefully someone responsive to the building's great history will take it on.

For those of us who have not been back since Traffic Division left the building, it was a bit of a shock to see how much it had been changed, during its recent Forensic role 

You can find the video at, or to go direct (Click Here)


15-11-2013 If you worked V division then you should love this book. It is very atmospheric both about the area and the time.
This is what the publishers say about it

1969: Following a raid at a jewellery store in Wimbledon, an officer from the London Metropolitan Police Traffic Division in a high powered V8 Rover pursues a gang of jewel thieves in a stolen Jaguar. The pursuit begins on the Kingston By-Pass at Putney Heath and ends at the Fairmile, just outside Cobham in Surrey, when the Jaguar driver rolls the car on a sweeping left hand bend. The police officer, in an attempt to avoid hitting the Jaguar, runs off the road and collides with a tree, killing him instantly. But that is where the story begins!

To order your copy click on this link Guardian Angel

31-07-2012  Keith Knight's Diorama of the Hollyfield Road building has now been photographed and placed on the website.

You can find it in the "Equipment Photo Gallery"

12-03-2012  A reunion is again planed for THURSDAY 4 OCTOBER 2012, 7.30PM at Imber Court Click here to download your invite form.

Please take a moment to pass the date and information on as not everyone visits these pages as often as you!

01-08-2011 The addition to the website of some great pictures from Mark Newman which I suspect some of those who worked at TDV towards it end may enjoy.

BTW It is not an offence to actually send in those pictures that you have been meaning to send to us for so long! It is your website, but it needs your support to remain interesting.

31-01-2011 At long last we are no longer alone, TDZ 's Dickie Bird has gone 'on line' with a TDZ Website. There is a a link to the left, please take a moment to send him your support.

30-03-2010 The website has been approached by the BBC to see if they could contact any officers that were involved with the Poll Tax Riots around Trafalgar Square in 1990

They are doing a story on it and would like to talk to any retired Police Officers who were involved in it. If you can help please contact Andy MacFarlaine, BBC News Website on telephone 0208 225 8886

15-10-2009 Reunion 2012 page added to this website (see link on Left)

31-7-2009 List of Reunion Attendees who have confirmed their attendance made available for all to see Click here to view it.

3-7-2009 Re Reunion Click here to download your invite form.

Make cheques payable to C.TRAVIS  and send to 33 Minsterley Avenue Shepperton Middx, TW17 8QS

4-3-2009 A further message from Cliff Travis

Re below and following positive feed back, the reunion will take place.

Details: TDT, TDV and TDB are all invited.  The date will be Friday 2 Oct 2009 at 7.30PM to 11PM. The location is the Surrey Room at Imber Court. Buffet Provide and the cost is 10  

What you can do to help me now is to pass on details of the Reunion to any former Hampton/Surbiton/Barnes Officers that you know. If you are not sure if they are on my own list just email or telephone me with their details and I will take appropriate action. 

26-2-2009 A message from Cliff Travis

My dear friends, I need your advice and comments regarding the future of the Hampton and Surbiton Garage Reunion. I organise them every 3 years and have done 7 so far. I have provisionally booked our usual Surrey Bar upstairs on the 1st floor at Imber Court for FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER 2009 7.30PM-11PM plus normal buffet. Cost remains the same as last time 10.  

The last Reunion 3 years ago consisted of 108 attending. Since then I know that 18 of our friends have left us for that  "Great Garage up in the Sky".  There could be more that I do not know about. In addition we are all 3 years older and travel for some of our friends is now out of the question.  To add to our problems the Country is going downhill fast and money is tight.   I am quite happy to organise the Reunion full stop. What I do not want is finding that we  have only 30/40 turn up on the night. I need your views please, are you happy with me to proceed as normal or call it a day?  Can we do anything to increase numbers? 

A thought did cross my mind that I could call it a 5 Area Traffic Unit Reunion and include former colleagues from Barnes Garage.  Having said that most of the TDT/TDV traffpols served at Barnes anyway before transferring out.  Bob "Dolly" Gray organised a TDB Reunion about 10 years ago but there have been no further TDB Reunions. I did try to contact Dolly whose last address was in Northolt but without any joy. Does any one know where Dolly is now or heaven forbid is he no longer with us?   Look forward to hearing from you all.

BTW I am retired, now so can be contacted at home during the day  (Andy has my Phone number) or at  

Posted a Video, showing the Brooklands May-Day event on Vimeo. Although no one from TDV was involved, visitors to the site may want to see the TDT vehicles that turned up
. Vimeo site here

Moved the TDV website to a new and hopefully faster web server. So expect a few 'teething' troubles over the next few days. Also corrected a few more of those 'spilling misatkes'

Keith "Tickets" Newland announces his retirement after 30 years service and invites all to Drinks and Buffet at the Roof Top Orbit Bar, Empress State Building, Lillie Road, Fulham. On Friday 1st February 2008 (what's this a TrafPol planning something 3 months in advance and not the day before!) 

For more details and contact info please download this form

Information from Nick Bryant that another Bank Scam is doing the rounds aimed at Lloyds bank user (although that will no doubt change).

It is the usual "Your account has a problem" which then leads you via a link, to a 'Phishing' site, to capture your details. As with all these scams remember:
1. Banks do not email you about problems
2. No one gives you anything for free.
3. What ever it is, you have not really won it.
4. Your sister / cousin / neighbour / workmate, has not sent you a greeting.

Details about the retirement of DC/PC Tussler, who after a good bash at Imber Court, has now moved to the West Country, where they don't have 'IT' yet.

More Oscar's Rambling and a few more spelling mistakes spotted.

We regret to announce that Insp. John Brazier died on Sunday 25 March. He is being cremated at Randells Park Crematorium on Wed 4th April at 0930 (does anyone have a picture we can add?)

We regret to announce that Hugh Ashton retied PC 938TD, died on the 15th Jan of a heart attack.

The PRIVATE , family only, cremation was at Randells Park, Leatherhead on 26 Jan at 1000.
This was be followed by a service of remembrance at Holy Trinity Church Claygate.

Announcement about Robin Tutchings retirement get together at Imber Court added to the site.

New enters in Oscar's Ramblings, including some humours quotations

Information about South West Traffic Social Club's End of the Road Ball on Saturday 23 September 2006 Click here for details
The Ball

Details about the next reunion (and its a big one). Please book now to help Cliff with the organising.

Lots of new pictures more Oscar Ramblings  

08 3 2006 Added Neil McAlpine's email regarding the sad loss of Paul (the Pig) Stewart. Click here to read.

Several new pictures added and some new email address  

Added details, of the Cooper Cars Limited Edition sets 

I am trying to put together some facts behind the Magic Roundabout story. If you have recollections and especially if you know what happened to the Zebedee from the trophy cabinet - Please drop Andy a line.

Plans are being formulated, for a combined TDT / TDV Reunion.

Details are:- Friday the 6th October 2006 19:30 to 23:00 at Imber Court Sports Club (upstairs in the bar).

Buffet available at about 10 Please email Clifford Travis, to request your invite and he will contact you closer to the time: 

Three Picture galleries added - Please send an old pictures to Andy or Pete for inclusion

There was an excellent TDV reunion held at the Stoneleigh Pub, on  Wednesday the 11th January 2006. Some 25 people attended.




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