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What is it all about? 

Simply this, for some twenty five years of my life I was involved (as a recovery operator) with our local Police Garage TDV - The Metropolitan Police's 'V' Division Traffic Garage, at Surbiton.

Now 25 years is longer than most officers were stationed there, and in that time I saw many amazing 'characters' come and go! Some have remained good friends, long after we all retired, or moved on.

To my amazement in 2004 when I looked, no one had created a web site for any of the Metropolitan Police's Traffic Garages and if any of them deserves it - it's this one. Some of the stories about its 'inmates' are indeed legendary and  the building itself, is also an historic Icon of Formula One.

These days I am still 'on the fringe' of recovery, as a trustee in RISC (The Recovery Industry Support Charity) Otherwise however, I am virtually retired and having a little time, I started off this website.

It is here not just for me, but for the men (and a few ladies) of TDV, to keep in touch and remember their rich heritage. There is a data base for people associated with TDV, to place their email address (if they want to), so that others can get in touch. If you would like to have your email address displayed, then please go to that page and read the simple rules.

Lastly I say again it's not my website, it's yours - so please contribute.

'Much Obliged'  
Andy Lambert 

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