Keith Knight has a hobby - he likes to make models. He decided he wanted to produce a diorama of TDV
and you can see the result below. It was completed free hand, using only the photo
supplied with the Corgi Editions Mini Coopers. It is made entirely of card and plastic, cut and shaped before being painted. It is scaled to 1/43 and is even illuminated. 

Keith says this is just a small part of his collection of some 40 Met vehicles which includes Pandas, Area Cars, Station Vans, Dog Units, DPG Units, SPG/TSG Carriers and Heathrow Airport Units.
He also points out that not all the models pictured here fit the sixties theme, but of course they did visit TDV in later years.

Keith joined the MPS in 1987 and spent most of his time on division but also worked brief attachments out of both H and J Traffic. Also 3 Area NE TSG.
He was sadly forced to leave in 2005 through illness/injury.