Not actually a peace of TDV equipment (this one belonged to TDP) it shows the very first fixed road speed meter. It is a Marconi PETA Meter from the early sixties.

The picture was sent in by Peter Richards, with extra info from Steve Sheppard T848 (now in California). Steve was one of the first officers to be trained in the use
of the PETA meter, along with TDV's very own Hugh Ashton and he suspects the actual sensor part, was hidden in the Mini parked up the road. He also recalls that
Hugh eventually manafactured a folding table, so it could be set up behind bushes etc.

In an interesting footnote, one incident caused the withdrawal of the equipment. It happened when Kent police stopped a motorist for excessive speed. When the
paperwork was done he asked to look at the equipment. The unsuspecting PC explained how it worked using radio waves, at which point the motorist asked to see
the PC's radio license! He turned out to be a GPO Inspector and the equipment had to be withdrawn, until it was correctly licensed.